The Pilot Program

Enlistics:Trucking predicts job success better than resumes and interviews using social media data. By comparing applicants to known-good and bad truckers, Enlistics can instantly determine whether an applicant is likely to turn over in the next 12 months.

Enlistics is currently in data collection. In order for our models to work correctly, we need example driver applications flowing through our system before we can make predictions. If you think Enlistics might be a good fit for your business, fill out the contact form below to get product news and updates. When we release the predictive algorithms, you'll be the first to know.

Applicant social media information will be kept completely private and secure so employers will see no personal information.

  • Algorithmic analysis means that nobody looks at your Facebook pages and data. Not even us.

  • Advanced statistics exclude all discriminatory variables from our models, like religion and politics.

  • Anonymity of identity makes hiring decision fairer. Avoid biases that go along with job interviews.

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